Our Guarantee

FREEDOM CONSUMER SERVICES guarantees that if OWNER does not obtain the timeshare exit, FREEDOM CONSUMER SERVICES shall refund the Fee Amount. FREEDOM CONSUMER SERVICES guarantee obligations are met when FREEDOM CONSUMER SERVICES obtains an exit even if OWNER does not accept the terms of the resort’s exit agreement. This guarantee is contingent upon: (a) all information provided to FREEDOM CONSUMER SERVICES by OWNER is true, accurate and complete, and (b) full cooperation with OWNER to timely respond to any request for information from FREEDOM CONSUMER SERVICES or the resort. This guarantee is void and unenforceable if OWNER (x) fails to fulfill OWNER’s duties required by this agreement, including if OWNER stops or delays the exit process, refuses to sign a procured exit offer, (y) does not timely and completely respond to requests by FREEDOM CONSUMER SERVICES, or (z) fails to disclosure a mortgage or other lien encumbrance on OWNER’S timeshare.

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