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The #1 Trusted Source In Legal Timeshare Cancellation.

Every month, our legal team helps hundreds of timeshare owners like yourself eliminate their unwanted, costly timeshares, legally and permanently. No matter your situation, we will get you out of your contract.

Freedom Consumer Services fights for timeshare owners to free them from the financial bondage & perpetual obligations of their timeshare contracts. Our advisers and legal team have decades of experience in terminating timeshare contracts. We pride ourselves on excellent service, making the process of eliminating your timeshare contract easy and painless.

Here at Freedom Consumer Services, our timeshare cancellation attorneys and staff specialize in assisting dissatisfied timeshare owners by terminating their contracts completely and permanently.

We work with timeshares located all over the world- United States, Mexico, Europe, and the Caribbean. Even if you have a mortgage still attached to your timeshare we can relieve you of the balances owed to your resort and eliminate all future fees and obligations.

If you are ready to get out of your timeshare contact us now to speak with an adviser.

Experienced Staff of Experts

With laws favoring the timeshare developers and resorts and lengthy, complex contracts, it’s difficult to get rid of a timeshare legally without the help of an expert. We have experience with all types of situations.

A Proven Method

Our team of timeshare experts has perfected a process to legally and permanently cancel your timeshare. The timeshare exit process is simple and guaranteed. We know how to end your timeshare ownership forever.

History of Success

For years, we have successfully canceled thousands of timeshares directly with consumers.

Many timeshare exit companies are nothing but transfer companies, listing agencies or just plain middle men who employ the services of other attorneys who charge an additional fee on top of the originally quoted price. Why not go to the source and work with an expert timeshare legal team directly?

Our group of specialists deal with timeshare contracts every day, and use the law to benefit our clients, by ridding them of the stressful and costly financial obligations they’ve been burdened with for months, years or even decades. With offices across the continental United States and thousands of successful cases, we are large enough to handle practically any timeshare situation and experienced enough to handle it in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

It’s imperative that timeshare owners hire the best team possible! A team that understands and is able to help navigate the troubles of timeshare ownership, owner’s rights, developer’s contracts and a host of other rules and regulations governing the timeshare industry. See 721 Florida Statutes….these laws are just the laws of ONE STATE! This is why every case must be handled carefully by skilled experts. particularly when nullifying a written agreement, mutually entered into by consenting adults.

We here at Freedom Consumer Services believe that you deserve to be free from your timeshare financial burdens. The resorts and developers that operate timeshares make it nearly impossible for the average timeshare owner to get out of their contract without legal aid. Our legal timeshare exit team will do all the work for you, from guidance and advice to executing the legal requirements to permanently eliminate your timeshare ownership. In fact, we are so confident we can help, we offer a 100% service guarantee!