Stop Maintenance Fees and Mortgage Payments

Stop Maintenance Fees and Mortgage Payments

We assist owners by legally eliminating the timeshare contract & financial obligations of timeshare ownership. Yes, we can even eliminate the mortgage if you have one!

Protect your credit

Protect your credit

You need your credit to make purchases, both big & small. We protect your credit score by eliminating your timeshare debt, fees and contractual obligations without damaging your credit rating.

100% Guarantee

100% Guarantee

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee! See if your timeshare qualifies. Freedom Consumer Services consultants fight for timeshare owners to free them from the financial bondage & perpetual obligations of their timeshare contracts.

The majority of timeshare owners felt “tricked” or “lied to” & experienced high pressure sales tactics during the purchase of their timeshare.

Have you experienced any of the following deceitful practices by the timeshare companies?

  • Did the timeshare sales person fail to explain that there will be annual fees?
  • Were you not fully informed of the perpetuity clause in the contract? Timeshares are passed along to heirs and successors without their consent FOREVER!
  • Promised the resort would buy it back or the timeshare would have resale value if you were to sell it?
  • Promised that you could rent it out to make extra money or pay the maintenance fees?
  • High Pressure sales meeting?
  • Were you not read the entire contract during the sales process?
  • Felt lied to after purchasing your contract?
  • Unable to use or book desired dates and times of vacations?
  • Were you upgraded or sold an additional timeshare contract without full disclosure?

Timeshare companies illegally use high-pressure tactics to force individuals to buy timeshares.

Lies, pressure, duress and fraudulent claims are common practice in timeshare sales presentations. Federal Timeshare Law demands that the resort cancel your timeshare contract completely and permanently.

Timeshare companies have continued to practice deceptive sales tactics leading many timeshare owners looking for a way to escape their timeshare fees and contracts. Federal Timeshare Law assists timeshare owners seeking to retract their contractual obligations and stop the fees tied to timeshare ownership. We do not buy, sell, or trade timeshares. We provide a service that will get you 100% out of your timeshare contract whether your timeshare still has a mortgage or not.

Here at Freedom Consumer Services, timeshare cancellation attorneys and staff specialize in assisting dissatisfied timeshare owners by terminating their contracts.

We work with timeshares located all over the world- United States, Mexico, Europe, and the Caribbean. Even if you have a mortgage still attached to your timeshare we can relieve you of the balances owed to your resort and eliminate all future fees and obligations.

We work with timeshare owners around the world to successfully rid them of their unwanted timeshare contracts. If you are ready to get out of your timeshare, contact us now to speak with an adviser.

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